Our Mission

The MISSION of The Justice Network is to provide judges and court administrators with a viable and cost effective alternative to incarceration. In addition, our goal is to help clients build constructive behaviors that will lead to a more positive life style for themselves and their families.

To reach this goal, we offer many services some of which include, probation and diversion supervision, drug testing, electronic curfew monitoring and house arrest, drug testing, and community service work. In addition, the Justice Network provides a range of classes such as Anger Management, Drug Offender, Alcohol Safety, Theft Cessation, Defensive Driving, Traffic Safety, Life Skills, Bad Check, School Truancy, Parenting Skills, Gang Involvement, School Success, Divorced Parents and Child Support.
Avoid Incarceration
Manage Compliance
Curfew & House Arrest
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Schools and Referrals

American Probation and Parole Assoc.
National Drug Court Providers Assoc.
Drug and Alcohol Industry Assoc.
Municipal Court Officers Assoc.
American Correctional Assoc.
National Curriculum Training Institute
Southern States Correctional Assoc.
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